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May 15th 2014


Ahdaf and Friends of Birzeit University (Fobzu) are delighted to announce their partnership to provide scholarships to Palestinians studying at Birzeit University in occupied Palestine.


Youth in Palestine face multiple barriers to access higher education. High unemployment, poverty and financial insecurity make it difficult to afford the high costs of a university education. Despite this, many families make tough sacrifices to ensure a better future for their children.


This partnership brings together two experienced and successful organisations enabling youth to access higher education in occupied Palestine and supporting grassroots initiatives that empower young people’s participation in the development of their community.


Lady Anne Stoneham, chair of Friends of Birzeit University, said:

“Over the years Friends of Birzeit University has gone from strength to strength. We have a long history working in friendship and solidarity with Birzeit students and staff, alongside other Palestinian universities, and are thrilled to be forging a new partnership with Ahdaf. We believe education is a fundamental right. It is also a powerful tool for the building of a strong civil society. We’re joining forces with Ahdaf so that more young people are able to access education and can start to develop their full potential in their communities.”

Jamal Saad, co-founder and trustee of Ahdaf, said:

“We are delighted to partner with Friends of Birzeit University. We have been working with students in Palestine since 2007 and our unique approach—requiring students who we support financially to develop community-based projects that benefit society—has proven very successful. By partnering with Fobzu, we are able to reach more students and therefore have a bigger and more meaningful impact on the young people and their communities as well as building a sustainable democracy.”


About Ahdaf: Established in 2007, Ahdaf is a British charity that enables Palestinian youth access higher education, and empowers them to develop and shape their communities through the delivery of voluntary projects. By encouraging young people to think about their community, to identify issues and provide their own solutions, they are empowered to become active members of their community. Ahdaf provides an alternative route to civic participation and helps young people build a solid platform from which they can influence the future of their country.


About Friends of Birzeit University:

Established in 1979, Friends of Birzeit University (Fobzu) is a British charity working to support the right to education and its role in the wider development of Palestinian society. Fobzu promotes Palestinian access to education, organises visits and is engaged in advocacy for academic freedom.



Ahdaf:, +44 (0)7841 873277

Friends of Birzeit University:, +44 (0)7795 165052




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